Toronto in less than 8 hours!

My flight to Peru with Air Canada led to a long stopover in Toronto. This meant that I didn’t typically have an array of things to choose from or places to go, which left me with visiting a few places in the centre.

From the airport, I got on the Pearson Express train which is fairly quick into Union Station which is in the city centre. A return ticket from the Airport -City Centre is around $24.  I headed over to the CN Tower which is pretty phenomenal. I am petrified of heights and the way that lift was moving. BOY! It was verrrrry fast! The tower is around 500m tall, which meant that for around thirty years it had the title as one of the tallest buildings in the world. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai has however taken over that title.


There are various tickets which you can buy to enter the tower, some of which include dinner or lunch reservations. You can even do an edge walk, for those of you who are a little more daring. I paid for my ticket online which was $40 for the tower experience which means that I was able to see the views from the tower at two different levels.  As you’re out of the lift, you’re surrounded by glass panes which overlook the stunning view of Toronto.

So finally, here I was. at the tower. The views were gorgeous from the lookout tower! Definitely a lovely place to spend an afternoon.



Consider yourself lucky if you can take a snap without the crowd. This was pretty hard considering how many people were there.


The Lookout Tower above will give you the chills, not just because it is extremely breezy and windy, but be prepared for a whole heap of breeze and wind. You are not only a bit higher up, but you’re pretty much outside. Because of the mesh, the view isn’t the best, but you will definitely feel as though you are a lot higher up than before.

You can also check out the glass floor!


Click below to see the speed of the list (elevator) on the way down.


Another way to get around Toronto is to hire a bike. I prefer to have a little wander…..which then led me to some complimentary beer.

I went for a little wander, after the CN Tower

Just behind the tower, it led me to this cute little Canadian Railway Truck

I walked on a little further……………..

Around the corner, I came across the Steam Whistle Distellery


Which then led me to a lovely refreshing taste of Steam Whistle…..

What better way to end a tour , than with a refreshing beer


A twenty minute walk from Steam Whistle led me to Old Town Toronto.

I feel like no country is complete without visiting one of their markets. That is where you get to feel the true essence of the country. So what better place than, St Lawrence Market. This market is about a twenty minute walk from the CN Tower. It’s a huge market hall where you can find dairy products, fruit, vegetables, bread and you can also grab yourself a meal here. I really wanted to check out the Buster’s Cove which is a really cool seafood restaurant in the market, but the queue was crazy. It must be worth the wait, but when there is few hours left until your flight, no can do. I could have spent all day here really, had I had the time.



A walk over to the Distillery district led me to this beautiful mural. This really struck me, as growing up in Britain we are never really told about the indigenous people of Canada and their struggles and what they had to endure. The Canadian Aboriginals were taken from their homes and rehoused and educated under the Government of Canada in the late 19th century. The objective was to strip them of everything they knew and of their culture to assimilate them into modern Canadian culture. Although the Prime Minister in 2008 ( Stephen Harper) made an apology to the Aboriginal people for what had happened, nothing can really be restored in terms of what has been taken away from them. This mural is the embodiment of a resilient and powerful people. The significance of the eagle is extremely important, as it is the connection to the creator.


The Distillery District is only for pedestrians and has some beautiful cobbled streets which gave me a Shoreditch (London) feel, with most of the antiquated buildings now converted into trendy, yet indie establishments. There are galleries, cool restaurants and various bars which can be found. I came to have dinner with a friend of mine who is from Toronto.

We found ourselves at El Catrin which is a Mexican restaurant. As you can tell, by the Dia de los Muertos ( day of the dead) décor.



It was nice to have some chillout time after walking around most of Toronto, but the food was lovely too. It is quite typically Mexican.

I ordered some camarones in adobo ( prawns in a spicy sauce). They tasted awesome!

The snapshot I saw of Toronto left me wanting to see more, and I am sure I’ll visit again soon. Hopefully, I will catch the Niagara Falls. One word to some up how I felt about Canada…..



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