Aarhus: The Denmark you never see!


Copenhagen is the first place you think of, when heading to Denmark. Other cities are often overlooked. A friend of mine has been living in Aarhus for the past four years, and I had yet to make a visit. Aarhus was given the title of European Cultural Capital last year, and during my visit I could see why!

I was really excited as I checked out the weather forecast days before, to see it would be warmer than London!
Not only that,but I managed to bag a cheap flight for just £20. Even if it meant leaving from Stansted Airport (far way if you’re a South Londoner).
We set out to explore some cute cafes and I had my first experience of Danish caviar (Steinbiderrogn) for 90krn which is around £10 at a restaurant called Oh Aland.
Danish Caviar
It was my first time tasting caviar, it was neatly presented with a heart shaped pancake which was a nice fusion of sweet and savoury.
Considering how the weather is in London, it was nice to finally escape to some warm weather. I love nothing more than a bit of al fresco dining!
We spent the afternoon in Godsbane which is very similar to Christiana for anyone that has visited Copenhagen. Godsbane gives off an indie vibe with lots of graffiti, street art and cool cafes. It is definitely a cool place to visit.
Street Graffiti
Visiting on a Monday ( a day when most things are closed) meant it was fairly quiet, but for any photo enthusiasts , this was a beautiful haven.
There was even a Jamaican stall which was unfortunately closed.
But apparently has some good jerk chicken. There is quite a growing African community here in Aarhus, and on a Monday evening there is the opportunity to learn traditional West African dance and drumming.

Later that evening, we walked over to the canal and we found ourselves by the canal eating at Cafe Faust and had a lovely meal of prawn n salon fettuccine, which was delicious. I’d definitely recommend this place and the food is gorgeous!

The City Centre Canal
Prawn and Salmon Fettucine Highly recommended!
Along the strip, you can find a few bars which are open for you to sit and have a few drinks.
Midtbyen Canal


On my second day in Aarhus, we found ourselves in the city  centre again which is great for those seeking retail therapy, as it has a large number of shops. But that’s not for me! There are a lot of places to eat, for those of you who are more into gastronomy, like myself!
We sat down and had a lovely cup of hot chocolate at La Cabra, which had some really cool seating outside. Delish!
La Cabra
 If you have the chance to visit Aarhus and happen to be a bookworm, take a peak at Dokk 1, which has the title of the world’s best library. It has a very lovely ambience for not just studying, but a great place to bring children too, as it has various play areas .
Dokk 1
A great view from the library

Right outside the library, you can chill, bring your book and relax by the harbour.

After a walk around the harbour, we headed to Aarhus Street Food which has an  outdoor terrace for you to sit and enjoy the sun.
It was coming up to 7pm and I remember the heat scorching, more than it was earlier on in the day. There were some really good food options; including Morrocan, Jamaican, Ugandan, just to name a few.
I wanted to try some Nordic Tapas , which is rugbrod (rye bread) topped with cheese, meats or vegetables. I found this little place tucked away in the Street Food place called NORD.
Yes, the tapas on the right has chocolate on top! Yaay!
A headed to Ugood the Ugandan stall which included a vegan option for 65 kr (£6.50) which was delicious. It had sweet potato, avocado, sweet peppers with a lot basil sauce and a touch of scotch bonnet pepper….that really hit me on the last bite!
After the street food….we were stuffed! To put it simply. It was does cater for everyone and has some great options of food for vegans also.
My friend who is vegan opted for the Morrocan pitta bread, which she really enjoyed.
Soaking up those rays
Five minutes walk away from the street food centre is the lovely Salling Mall. As mentioned before, I’m not a shopper , at all. It’s stressful. But you can find an amazing rooftop bar. Unfortunately we got there around 8pm when it was closing.
But this would be a great place to grab some food and drink and spend the evening.
Salling Mall
Awesome architecture
The city centre is excellent for taking a walk around and exploring. We then had a little hop back near the canal to try and grab some dessert, but many places typically stop serving food after 9pm/10pm. So we opted for another hot chocolate instead.
The third day in Aarhus, I had to catch my flight at 2pm. I wish I was staying longer, as I really loved the chilled vibe. I needed to get away from the chaotic world of London and felt so chilled by my third day here. We headed to the beach and the sun was scorching. Yes, a beach!
Heading to the beach
You have to cross the railway to get there!

It was a beautiful day and it is very secluded, with just a few houses nearby leading to the beach. It seems as though the area itself is a lovely area for older people or for those who are retired. You pass some lovely houses too!

Nordic Style houses


I felt a strong sense of calm here.

Aarhus, you’ll be seeing me again!


  • Rhys Klu

    Wow that’s an amazing experience you had in Aarhus, Demark.

    I didn’t even now they even had a thriving African community as well food stalls with different foods from different parts of the world!

    It definitely has shattered and changed my perceptions of Denmark being a stoic, closed and reserved country.

    I will admit, I know nothing about other parts of Denmark apart from Copenhagen being the capital of Denmark.

    The pictures of your stay in Aarhus, Denmark are amazing.
    Along with your commentary, they really help to recreate the scene, atmosphere and the feel of Aarhus.

    it was great reading your latest travel update to Aarhus, Denmark Natalie and looking forward to reading more of your travels abroad.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences there with us Natalie.

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