The best spots in Accra that will fill your belly!

Ghana is one to be on your list for this year in terms of travel. Ghana offers something for everyone in terms of relaxation, great food and entertainment.

Now let’s start with food!

Some of the typical cuisine which I grew fond of very was red red ( beans in a spicy tomato sauce with palm oil), plantain, palava ( a stew with greens) and fried fish. Being pescetarian you could say I was limited but it sure didn’t feel that way as each restaurant I visited was different.


On my first day I found myself walking towards Independence Square and stumbled across a market which had a cute little restaurant tucked in the corner. Some locals nearby in the market had suggested this place as a great place to eat which also offers entertainment on a Friday evening.

I loved the fact it was in such a chaotic space but was yet very relaxing. The staff was very friendly and the food was lovely. This was my first go at trying red red and believe me, it did not disappoint! I typically washed it down with some coconut water along with the fried fish and waakye which cost around 80 cedis (£12).

While you wait for your food, there is even a cute little bookshelf which books about anything and everything. You can keep yourself entertained here!

Tea Baa

This has been on a list of recommendations from a friend. Whilst I was heading over to Shop Accra ( a local shop in the Osu area selling African ornaments, oils, artefacts and even has a little cafe), we stumbled across Tea Baa. It was the cutest cafe and I was in love with the layout and the decor.

I ordered a sugar cane and peppermint refreshing tea. You can include a shot if rum, if you wish. But I was quite happy without it!

For anyone that knows me! I cannot walk past a piece of art and not take a photo! It’s inevitable. Here’s one I found at Tea Baa. The vibe and ambience is beautiful and chilled as it’s still not too far from the madness of Oxford Street ( main street with bars and vendors) yet it’s in the quietest place.


Now in terms of portions. I need to be getting what I pay for. It was a no brainer when someone at my hostel mentioned that Chez Clarisse had some great portions. When I arrived around 1pm, it was clear that it was a typical lunchtime getaway from work for many. I opted for seating outside to get some sun and I was the only one! I ordered the fish and rice and the portion did not disappoint. Just what I wanted!


Some friends from my hostel and I decided to head over to Buka in the Osu area.

The decor is very much like a cabin. That’s all I can say it reminded me of. I tried waakye for the first time, which is really similar to Jamaican rice and peas. I also dipped into my friend’s palava stew which is a stew with greens such as spinach or coco yam leaves. Otherwise known as kontimire or egusi, as many Nigerians would call it.

My only question was I didn’t know why they served noodles with my food. I didn’t come all this way for noodles! What I love most is the shito sauce served with rice here. It’s spicy and gives it that extra kick and you enjoy your food just that little bit more!

Kekewele is the name of the plantain chips you can see which is seasoned with spices.

The bills arrived. Did we enjoy? Yes….Indeed!


Another favourite of mine in the Labone area. Mainly due to its layout and al fresco option for dining besides offering some shade is Honeysuckle.

We stopped here before heading to Afrochella. Although they offer some local cuisine. Sometimes you just want some filthy Western food! We started off by ordering a cocktail called the Ginger Kiss. Wow! It was mind blowing.

I usually tell people off you order Western food abroad! But the vast array of options had me wanting just tuck in. It was amazing! A great place to chill with friends and catch a football match as there is a big screen here. As we were leaving the place was really filling up with local men for a game which was about to start.

These were some of my favourite spots. Have you been to Ghana and visited any of these places? Do you have any suggestions?

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