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My motto for life : ” Let’s get lost and live a little”.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a British-born South Londoner with Jamaican roots who teaches by day and travels whenever the travel bug hits!

My passion for travel started as a child when my parents took me to Jamaica almost every year. Little did they know, they were creating and raising a travel addict in the making!
I’m not here to make travel look luxurious. Just as you see in the image below ( trekking through a Colombian forest). This is pretty much how you’ll find me whilst I galavant the world; crochet braids in a top bun and some high street gear with a back pack filled with snacks and a book to keep me going on long journeys.

I’ve travelled to around 30 countries in the past 10 years. Volunteering and teaching have been the main ways in which I have been able to get around the world. I spent two years teaching in Hong Kong, six months in Cuba, six months in Mexico, eight months in Tanzania and three months in India.

It’s been a long time coming, so here goes my blog! I’ll be talking about my past and present travel experiences.
Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to book that flight, take that trip, get lost and live a little.


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